Monday 11 January 2016

Though mountainous seas to Tenerife

Okay, I may have exaggerated a little bit, but we did have storm force 10, and over 50 miles per hour winds on one of our sea days.
I was going to highly recommend my seasick tablets as I didn't suffer at all during the journey, but the second time I took them I totally zonked out for hours, so maybe they aren't spot on after all.
Once the sea calmed down Daz and I tried to learn the tango, which wasn't too bad. Our attempt at the jive wasn't so successful, but after our second lesson Darren said that we had gone from appalling to cr*p. I think we are counting that as an improvement.
We had a good day out in Tenerife today, and both the ship and the weather were looking magnificent.
We enjoyed the reflecting pool and Opera House on the seafront, and are now back on board.
I am looking forward to a glass of wine at the sail away deck party, and possibly a bit of one of Rod Stewart's greatest hits playing in the background.

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