Sunday 31 January 2016

Costa Maya, Mexico

Oh no, it's another one of those Disney style resorts. We are on the coast of Mexico and parked up next to a pier that leads to a fantasy style resort.
It was the same as a couple of days ago with expensive shops, souvenirs and cocktails.
It was also difficult to leave, but again very pretty so we just had a wander around.
They had a show where four men sit on the edge of a high platform while a fifth stays on the top playing a flute type instrument.
All of a sudden the flute player makes the top revolve and the other four lean over backwards and just let go. Fortunately, they have a rope wrapped around one leg and they slowly twirl down to the ground. Very entertaining, although I don't fancy giving it a go.
After all of the excitement of Guatemala it's good to have a lazy day, so I am just heading off to a deck chair.

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