Saturday 30 January 2016

Not really Honduras

Today we docked at a little island off the Honduran coast called Roatan. We arrived at a village that was a bit like a film set. It was very pretty, and the whole place had been created for visiting cruise ships.
It had cute buildings, fountains, bars, restaurants, and a beach with lots of sunbeds. It even had a chair lift that took guests from the dock, over a little area of rain forest and right on to the beach.
I can't really say though that we visited Honduras, especially as none of the rest of the country would be in the slightest bit like this place.
It was very nice though, in a clean and sanitised way.
Picture one is the entrance to the man made beach and number two is of a beach opposite the ship that wasn't part of the designated area.  The third is a humming bird that briefly sat still long enough for me to zoom in and take the shot.

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