Sunday 7 February 2016

Friday at the Mardi Gras

We were told that the weekend Mardi Gras celebrations started at 12 noon, and we walked to Jackson Square behind some excited local girls, who were dressed to impress.
I thought that they must be out way too early, as everywhere seemed very quiet, but then we walked a couple of blocks to Bourbon Street.
What a shock! The place was completely packed, both at ground level and on all of the balconies that lined the street.
When they weren't drinking champagne or fruity cocktails, the people on the balconies were throwing necklaces and goodies down to the crowds below. Daz proved to be a great catcher - see bottom right of pic 4.
Every few minutes New Orleans policemen on motorbikes would clear the revellers on to the pavement and jazz bands and their followers would march past - pic 5.
As soon as they had walked by the crowds would surge back out again.
We have got loads more photos than I could post here, including one of me and the Pope, Darren with lots of random strangers, and weird angled selfies.
Someone threw a Nemo puppet to Darren, which was very apt, and went very well with our goldfish bowl cocktails. They tasted of fruit juice and for only $5 per bowl we didn't expect them to be very strong.
This was a huge mistake, but fortunately we lived to make it back to the ship - just - and see another day.

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