Sunday 21 February 2016

Sunday in Funchal

It has been five days since we were in Bermuda, but during that time we crossed the Atlantic Ocean and have now landed at Funchal, the capital of Madeira.
The sky looked dramatic, but we found a lovely sunny spot to stop for a while. It had beautiful sea views, tasty coffee, a sleepy dog under our table and jazz playing in the background. Eventually, we tore ourselves away and headed uphill to the Botanic Garden.
I wasn't expecting the view - pic 3 -  although I had seen it on lots of postcards. A complicated mosaic of pink and green plants, surrounded by giant cactus and bougainvillea. What a brilliant surprise.
The garden also had lovely views, hidden ponds, grottos and lots of palm trees. We wandered around, and hidden next to the topiary garden we found one of the little traditional houses. Unfortunately, the door was locked, just as we really needed somewhere to shelter as a heavy shower passed overhead.
It didn't last too long and we were soon in bright sunshine again, so we dried out as we headed back to the ship.
All being well we will be back in England first thing Thursday morning.

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