Sunday 21 February 2016

Bermuda - friendliest island ever

We walked for 25 kilometres today, that's around 15 miles, and every single Bermudan that we met said hello and smiled at us. How could we not then love our out day in Bermuda?
Our boat parked at the very tip of the island and we caught a 20 minute ferry to the capital called Hamilton.
We took inspiration from our friends Margs and Dave who a couple of years ago walked the whole length of the island in one day.
They followed a disused railway track which is now a very well marked out pathway. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time, nor were we fit enough to do it all, so we made do with about half of their route.
Hamilton and round the bay to the dockyards was a beautiful walk, with lots for us to see. Sometimes we walked with high walls of green on either side of us, other times we passed through brightly coloured villages and at times we were really close to the sea.
We walked all day, stopping only to take photos and for a quick coffee, and made it back to the ship with 20 minutes to spare.
It was a lovely day out and we then sat up on the deck watching two tugs pull us sideways away from the dock. They escorted us out through the dangerous reefs that surround the island and then we set out on our way across the Atlantic.
Fingers crossed that it won't be too rough.

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