Sunday 7 February 2016

Sunday - not at Key West

We left New Orleans last night and this morning were due to dock at Key West. The Captain spoke over the tannoy just as we're getting out of bed this morning to announce that he was cancelling the visit due to bad weather.
The winds were too strong, and there was no tugs to help guide us to the mooring. So here we are, out on the ocean with nowhere to go, although we are now due to land in Miami this evening.
In the meantime, the entertainment team have laid on some extra events, so we are going to rumba and cha cha this morning, then waltz and tango later.

I am using a few 'filler' photos today so.....

Pic 1 - this mornings weather.
Pic 2 - all dressed up for formal night last night with a few Mardi Gras embellishments.
Pic 3 - random shot of me and Mexican men in traditional outfits from a few days ago.

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