Wednesday 16 January 2019

Botanic Gardens and light shows

We caught a bus to the Botanic Gardens this morning and had a lovely walk around them.

It was quite a long way round and pretty hot so we headed back to the hotel for a break before setting out for the evening. 
We went to the light shows at the bay, after first having to take a detour to avoid a giant dragon that has arrived over the past couple of days. 

We were on the front row for the show and the water started spouting up into the sky, but suddenly the wind got up and gallons of water was sprayed all over us. 
Everyone ran back laughing and we watched the rest of the show from a bit further back. 
We then went to the sound and light show at the Trees. This time we lay down on the ground looking up at the trees while the lights danced in time to famous opera. The finale was Nessum Dorma, of course. 

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