Thursday 17 January 2019


Today we caught the bus for a trip around Chinatown  It was very busy and the streets were full of colourful shop houses with even more brightly coloured stalls in front of them.
We also found some excellent murals painted along the walls  Look closely and you will see Daz blending in
We went round a golden temple with monks at the front calling out an endless list of words at high speed from a book.
Behind them were rows of people who had copies of the book and were trying their best, and mostly failing to to recite along with them.
There was also a few younger monks sitting around trying not to yawn so I think that they had been busy for hours.
Our final stop was an expensive looking 50 storey block of flats. I had read that it was possible to pay to go up on to the roof to admire the views. Eventually we found a very grumpy concierge hidden away in a cupboard and he gave us a pass for the gate.
It was well worth it and we enjoyed some great views until a storm headed our way and we had to retreat.

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