Thursday 31 January 2019

Final day on Koh Mook

Great start to the day with a run to the pier and back.

I was really scared of the dogs that wander around the island and if they would chase us on our run, but in fact, all of them have been quiet and disinterested in us, apart from to try and be friends with us. I have gone out of my way to ignore and avoid them, and now I feel as if I might have missed out on something.
A fantastic surprise on the run was when we ran through hundreds of butterflies that all flew out of the flowers by the roadside when we ran past.
After a lovely breakfast we walked back into the town taking photos as we went.

I complained when we first arrived that we had been sent to a different hotel due to overbooking problems, but today we transferred to our correct hotel and they put us in the biggest and best bungalow to make up for their mistake. It is absolutely lovely and is surrounded by an exotic garden.
As we sat inside admiring the view a large grasshopper jumped onto our window and stared in at us. 
It looks like a giant monster, but is actually only a couple of inches long! 

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