Wednesday 30 January 2019

Boat trip to Koh Kradan and the Emerald Cave

Fantastic day today on a boat trip to a nearby island and a hidden Cave.
We were in a long tail boat with only a friendly German couple and our smiley captain.
First stop was the beautiful and quiet island called Koh Kradan. We stopped just off shore for some excellent snorkelling in the clear blue sea and then on to the beach for a sit down and a paddle.

The first picture shows our island in the distance.
Then we were off back to our island to see the Emerald Cave. We visited here a few years ago and I was very excited to see it again.
We moored our boat up near to the entrance which is hidden under the cliffs, and can only be reached at low tide. We jumped into the sea and then had to swim through the cave following our captain and his flash light. We passed a group of Chinese tourists who were all clutching each other shoulders in a long caterpillar and slowly making their way through.

They did the same thing on the way out and were waving and singing loudly to us as they headed back.
The cave opens out onto a secret beach with high vertical cliffs on all sides.
It was a lovely day out and has restored my faith in Thai boat trips.

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