Wednesday 30 January 2019

Koh Lanta to Koh Mook

We booked a speedboat crossing for the 30 kilometre journey to our next island. That makes it sound a bit James Bond, but actually there is no other way because the ferry is no longer running - I don't know why.
We could see the boats coming and going all day from our verandah just along from the ferry terminal.
Of course ours was late, and packed full of people and luggage, but once we got going it was quite exciting. We bounced over the waves and after 50 minutes we stopped at another island. Lots of people got off and I bagged a seat at the back.
 The scenery was beautiful as we bombed past it  and then we arrived at the tiny Koh Mook Pier.
It was only the width of a motorbike taxi and we jumped onto one that took us to our hotel for £2.50.
 We arrived at our bungalow and then there was a lot of messing around because they said that they were full so sent us to a nearby resort. It wasn't as good as the one we had booked and paid for and was also cheaper, so very annoying. It seems that they do this quite often which is quite a scam.
Anyway, our new bungalow is nice and we are a bit closer to the beach, but further from the town.

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