Thursday 20 June 2019

Attempt to reach Lac Blanc

Started our last day in France with a bus journey to Montroc, and then up a fairly gentle slope. I was walking along looking at the ground to avoid tripping over, and when I looked up I came almost face to face with a wild and very large ibex.

After taking a few photos our ibex was joined by a friend and they wandered off down the mountain.
We carried on upwards and the next sight was climbers on a picturesque rock face high up on the cliffs.

We passed a signpost...

and then reached ladders and walkways stretching up in to the sky.

My legs had turned to jelly out of fear at the top, but then we reached two beautiful frozen lakes.

A wonderful final day to our holiday.
Final update, we reached home at about 1am this morning and back to the real world.

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