Tuesday 18 June 2019

Short walk to Switzerland

Today we caught the bus from Chamonix to Le Tour and then walked up the mountain for about 800 vertical metres. It was really hot and hard work and slightly annoying to watch people being transported above us on the cable car.
It made me feel quite virtuous though and we had the strange experience of walking past a runner who ran so slowly that our pace was faster than hers.

She wasn't concerned though and eventually had the last laugh by overtaking us on a later section while we were lost and looking at our map.
Once at the top we had fantastic views over France...

and then we got to a stone, which Daz is sitting on, that marks the border between France and Switzerland.

France is frustrating because it has very few signposts, but as soon as we got to Switzerland we saw one and after a slight mistake of going to the top of the wrong mountain, we found our way to the Croix de Fer.

Unfortunately towards the top it had extremely steep drops on either side and I wimped out of going any further.
Once back onto safer ground we had to make our way over some huge snow drifts but the views were incredible.

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