Sunday 16 June 2019

Parc Merlet

We had a lovely walk today up from the bus stop at Les Houches to the animal park at Merlet. We would call it a safari park and all of the animals roam free across the whole site.
I asked the ticket office if it was dangerous and he said that only two tourists were eaten yesterday, so that was all right then.
In reality it only had seven animals, ibex, sika deer, llamas, mouflon (a kind of big sheep), marmots (a furry rodent), chamois (another deer), and fallow deer (another deer).
So it's basically four types of deer, one sheep, a furry rat and three llamas.
It was great though and the views of Mont Blanc were incredible.

Ps, we never found the mouflon, I think that it might be a made up word.

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