Sunday 2 June 2019

Half marathon at Bowood House

Saturday morning and up early after our night in the tent. It's going to be a hot day and we have both entered the half marathon.
Daz had always been running it, but I was doing the 10k until a couple of days ago when I found out that it was in the middle of the afternoon.
I only like to run in the morning and I hate running in hot weather, so changed events even though I have done no training for it and haven't run that far for over ten years.
Possibly a rash choice, but I have just been reading a good running book and am inspired to amend my running style and try a bit harder than usual.

It was a busy start but soon thinned out and then it was just lots of running. Up hill and down dale, lots of gravel, tree roots trip hazards, slippery grass sections and three laps with a big uphill finish each time. I just kept trying to remember the tips from my book, and unbelievablely the kilometres just flew by!
Daz finished ahead of me of course, but a good effort from both of us.

Quite tired afterwards but made it along to a talk by the fantastic Chrissie Wellington. World champion Ironwoman, parkrun ambassador and thoroughly enthusiastic and inspiring lady.

Had a little nap and then out for a cider and to watch the bands on stage. Didn't make it to the end so missed Olly Murs, but heard him in the tent. Well some of it anyway before I zonked out.

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