Wednesday 21 August 2019

Build day two - a lot of help from our neighbours

It slowly dawned on us today that there was a mistake made by Graven Hill with regards to our top soil order. It was quite expensive so we ordered 14 tons which was about half of the total amount that we need, but was the right amount for us to do the back of the garden.
Today we kept digging and digging and very little was happening to the pile. Out of nowhere our lovely neighbour Paul appeared and asked us if we wanted a hand. It turns out that he is an expert with the mechanical digger and he cleared the space needed for our greenhouse.

He confirmed our suspicions and he thinks that we have about 30 tons and not 14. On the one hand thats great, on the other its a huge mountain in the back garden.
He then dug out the terrible clay soil for our greenhouse foundations and smoothed it out.
What an amazing man, and its saved us about three days work.
He also leant us his theodolite, then taught us how to use it, so we now have levels marked for the greenhouse.

We are struggling to think of something that we are good at so that we can return the favours.
Front and back photos with today's efforts included.


  1. Wow, what a difference a day makes! Don't forget Darren makes a nice coffee and I think he would like a painted stone 😀

  2. That was from Elaine, your blog likes to maintain my anonymity and doesn't publish my name

  3. I don't know why you are unknown, but Susan said the same thing. From now on I will assume that the unknowns are from you. Thank you for pointing out our talents and we are thinking of setting up a coffee shop in our greenhouse, so perhaps I could turn it into a trendy art café. Obviously free to all of our neighbours.