Tuesday 20 August 2019

Self build day one

Today was the official handover of our plot, so the hard work is beginning.
There are a couple of minor problems with the plot such as the water isn't currently connected, but next doors is fine so we can use theirs in the meantime.
A slightly bigger and heavier issue is that our 14 tons of topsoil are exactly in the way of where my greenhouse is going to go, so we have to move about half of it before we can put it up.

It might seem a bit strange to be so concerned about building a greenhouse, but it is going to double up as our welfare hut, so it needs to go up first. Where else can we drink our coffee and look at all of our plans.
I intend to take a photo of the plot every day, and this could go either way - it could get very boring, or could be an interesting time lapse effect, we will have to wait and see how progress goes.
This is the view from the front

And this is the back

All in all a very exciting and long awaited day, and we shared a bottle of champagne with Susan and Paul this evening.


  1. Now the fun begins good luck 👷‍♂️👷‍♀️

  2. Thank you, it's all very exciting and the neighbours are great.