Monday 5 August 2019

More from Kew

As well as the sculptures there was lots of other beautiful things to see at Kew.
It has a massive glass house that is kept at a steaming temperature and full to bursting with exotic plants.

You can also climb a spiral staircase to a raised walkway. After a few steps the heat increases and by the top it is just like a super hot sauna.
Fighting the urge to faint we rushed along to the stairs at the other end. I took a couple of photos but my camera was also struggling to cope and kept steaming up.

Once down at the bottom I rushed outside to cool down.
There is also a temperate greenhouse where we took the steps again, but it was a much more pleasant experience.

I think that the cacti  in this picture were in the modern Princess of Wales glasshouse. This had ten different zones and each doorway heralded a completely different temperature and type of plant.

I don't seem to have a photo of that greenhouse, but in the background is the small but impressive alpine house.
Finally, exhausted and on the way home, we found the Hive.
This is an interactive experience and you walk in to the centre of what a bee hive might look like to a bee. Individual lights come on as bees enter and leave and mood music plays in the background.
The Hive is linked to a real beehive in the gardens so it mirrors the comings and goings of the real bees.
I think so anyway, don't quote me on that as the display panel was a bit confusing.

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