Thursday 29 August 2019

Steels delivery

Up early and on site today to await the delivery of our steels. This has been the most worrying thing to date and we were both quite nervous.

It was a foggy and cool morning and it slowed the delivery driver down, but then he rolled into view in his massive van.

First off was our staircase and it looked huge. I was so sure that it was too big that before he started to unload that I insisted on measuring it because I thought that it would have to be go back.
I shouldn't have doubted our fantastic steel guy, Phil, and it actually fitted perfectly.
It got very scary as it floated over the house next door, before carefully landing in exactly the right spot.

It took ages to get it level and for Darren to then drill holes into the padstones below and then glue and screw them into place.
After that the other 20+ steels were easily unloaded and placed on the ground while we had time for a little sit down.

It's a big tick off our to do list, so we had the night off with pizza, wine and ice cream.

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