Monday 12 August 2019

Newark Half Marathon

Excellent cool day for a half marathon in Newark, but the strong winds were a bit of a worry.
We parked near the ancient castle and walked along the river towards the start line. There was a useful notice for visiting dogs that caught my eye, but fortunately no grrrrrowling dogs around at the time.

There was over 1,000 of us at the start and I said a quick goodbye to Darren and got a photo of us both looking fresh and cheerful.

The starting gun sounded and off we went, out on a big loop of Newark. The first four miles were straight into the wind and I could see that I was starting to struggle. It was a huge relief to reach the 90 degree corner and the wind disappeared completely.
There was a lot of support out on the route and lots of volunteers handing out jelly babies. These are my favorites, but I find it difficult to run and chew so thought that I would wait until the end.
Next it started slightly to rain which was nice and cooling, which was good as I was getting tired and not keeping to my hoped for pace. After another couple of miles it started to chuck it down, which was a bit much really and I got a tad mardy. It did help me to speed up though as I was so keen to get to the finish line and dry off.

Very relieved to get there and as soon as I stopped I felt really faint and had to have a quick lie down on the grass before chomping down some mini Mars bars and a banana.
Good finishing results from both of us and a nice medal and teeshirt, so a good if tiring morning out.
Ps, learning point for next time - eat the jelly babies.

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