Monday 5 August 2019

Kew to St Pancras

We set off from our hotel this morning to try to find a good place for breakfast. Just along the street was a very strange sight.

We had accidentally found the Brentford Project, and the whole of the road and the fencing on both sides had been painted bright blue, with strange quotes written everywhere.
Apparently sixty years ago the Thames flooded to the height of the blue paint, but we couldn't find out more because the information centre didn't open until ten am.
However, there was a fantastic coffee shop and I ate the best pain au chocolat of my whole life.
Later we set off on our Bromptons and cycled as close to the river as possible on our journey back to St Pancras Station.

It was a lovely if rather convoluted route, and then we caught the 15.34 back up north.

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