Saturday 2 May 2020

Front of the house

We are working on the front of the house, and Darren has been up and down the tower putting a wooden frame together.

He assigned me the task of cutting the insulation for the panels.
At long last I am getting the hang of it and whizzed through six pieces before Darren started fitting them in place.
It then turned out that I had been cutting up the 120 mm insulation that is going down on the floor and not the final two pieces of 100mm.
Bit of a sulk and stopped for lunch to get over it. Afterwards we put the cut pieces back on the floor pile, and I started all over again.
Amazingly all of the pieces fitted first time which is incredible, normally I end up shaving lots of slivers off each piece. The slightly annoying thing is that I have got good at it just as there is hardly any more left to do.

What a beautiful day it was though, and our street is looking very interesting.

Ps, I forgot to write this a couple of days ago, but after finishing work for the day we walked back to have a look at the house from the back. We saw that a cat was sitting on the window cill to Darren's workshop looking completely at home.

It's a good thing that he loves cats and isn't allergic to them!