Monday 11 May 2020

More windows

Fantastic photo of the house today with more windows installed.

We stayed away all day to give the fitters room to work, and we tried to finalise our electric plans.
There are problems with some of the windows in the bedrooms because they have the wrong opening heights and do not meet building regulations.
Unbelievably two are too high and one is too low! As soon as I saw them I was worried that they looked high so looked up the regulations on line.
I have been in touch with the company because they are Fensa registered and it should be their responsibility to ensure compliance.
I think that the only way this can be sorted is for the windows to be replaced, but I am worried that this is going to turn into a battle.
Who knew that all first floor windows have to have an opening window that opens at a height of not less than 800 mm and not more than 1,100.
Certainly not me until yesterday, but I expected that the window company would know the rules. I didn't expect them to quote, build and then fit illegal windows!
Oh dear, I need to calm down and carry on.


  1. Windows look fantastic, love the colour. Hopefully all will be sorted painlessly reference building regs, fingers crossed for you.
    Do you have a tint on the windows?

  2. No tint on the windows, they are triple glazed and very thick so I think that it makes it look darker from the outside. They are like a mirror from the garden.

  3. Bugger they should have known that. Have they got the opening width right not less than 450mm. Hope you get it sorted

  4. Hi Dave, I am really gutted. The width is fine, but after speaking to the surveyor yesterday he told me that there was no height regulations, and then that in the event of a fire we could walk out of the room, across the landing and then out of a different room instead. It will definitely be a battle,but I'm up for it!

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