Tuesday 19 May 2020

Big tidy up

We have spent the last couple of days tidying up inside the house. We have even had the hoover out because no more dust can blow in.
Even more amazing, the council tip had reopened and I have taken a pack car load of stuff, although the garage still looks like a bomb has hit it, although a slightly tidier one than yesterday.
This morning I got out the tape measure and marked out the layout of the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Darren is going to start putting up the stud walls tomorrow.
Isn't it typical that we worked outside all winter, and as soon as the lovely weather starts we are inside looking out at it!


  1. One of the best bits forming rooms etc

  2. I agree, it's getting exciting now and also more familiar now that we have the shell finished. We are modifying the design slightly as we are doing it, just a door moved along a bit or a stud wall moved a couple of feet in the bathrooms.