Monday 25 May 2020


Today I tried to turn the free bath into a pond.

It took me ages to dig through the scaffold mat of tamped down stones and then through the clay underneath. Eventually I had made a deep enough hole and we put the bath in it.
I levelled it and then started to fill it with water.

Once it was full it looked just like a bath buried in the garden, and not yet a pond.
We had a bit of turf left over from the last project so I experimented with putting it round the edge.

It looked okay so I have put it all the way round and I hope that the grass will grow over the edge.
I am going to eventually put in a lot more plants, but for the time being my lovely metal stork will keep an eye on it.

I brought some oxygenating weed back from my tiny pond at home, so that is in the water now. If it goes well then in a couple of weeks time I will be able to bring my goldfish, Hilda and Mary to their new larger home.


  1. Thank you, still a bit more bath like rather than pond like, but I am thinking of buying some big pebbles to change the look of it at one end.