Sunday 10 May 2020

Fitting downpipes in the rain

We have never fitted downpipes before and Darren ordered all of the pieces online.
He carefully read all of the instructions and set to work.
We started by erecting the tower, and things were looking good.
Then the weather began to get blustery, before turning into a bit of a gale, but fortunately we were on the sheltered side of the house.
The first downpipe took a while as Darren honed his technique, and then we moved the tower ready to do the second one.

It was then that it started to rain, and got heavier very quickly.
Handily we could check that there were no leaks as the cold rainwater was channeled down the pipe. However, it got more and more unpleasant.
Happily and dryly, I watched from the greenhouse as Darren put in the bottom piece as a torrent of water flowed down while he wrestled it all into place.
Suddenly all was calm and the water went straight down into the new drainage system.
I lifted up the manhole cover to check it was okay, and all of the water was zooming through it on its way off our plot.
Yet another learning experience, and I don't know if we were lucky or unlucky to choose the only rainy day for ages for this task.


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  2. Hi Daniel, as my husband keeps on telling me, my blog is of no practical use to anyone! However I enjoy doing it and my friends and family read it. It's more of a photo diary, although anyone is welcome to read it. Who knows, people might learn from our mistakes, be inspired to give it a go, or just watch our progress. I don't follow any other blogs, but whenever we need to learn something new we just keep looking on line until we find something similar.