Monday 7 October 2013

Southampton docks

Parked our lovely campervan in storage just outside of Southampton. All that was needed then was to pack our bags for a cruise, strap them on our backs and cycle to the Mayflower Dock.
Unfortunately, I was in charge of directions and I took a bit of a wrong turn. We then had to cycle up a long hill, and the only way to get up on to a road with a bridge across the River Itchen was to walk up about 50 steps.
The bags were getting heavy by then but we kept smiling and Darren took charge of the route.
Eventually we arrived at the cruise check in desk and there was a pretty big queue. However, as happened last time we took our bikes on board, the staff were amazed to see the bikes. Also, in a happy repeat of last time they ushered us down the Priority Check In lane and we are aboard within a few minutes.
Good to be on board the Oriana for a trip to the Canaries and Madeira.

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