Friday 25 October 2013

Hastings, old town

Excited about a weekend in Hastings. Had a look around the old town and it is a bit mysterious. They have three storey high sheds with doors on the outside and no way of getting inside on the upper floors.
I asked about them at Tourist Information Office but the lady didn't know the answer. She just said that the fishermen hung their nets on them.
I also asked her about things to do locally but she said it was out of season so there wasn't really anything. Not sure how she keeps her job for six months of the year. Anyway, we have something planned, so there.
We also found an interesting little building made from half a boat next to the tall sheds. It is the first thing I have found that made our van look spacious.
Finally, Daz said the blog was too serious yesterday, so included is a shot of him from the Brighton museum wearing a rather attractive traditional mask - hopefully it will lighten the mood.

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