Saturday 5 October 2013

Volleyball scorer

Dorking Volleyball club were short of a scorer for their match this afternoon against East Grinstead and I stepped in, even though I didn't even know all of the rules. Fortunately I didn't have to as an ex England player refereed and I just had to keep a note and turn the cards over.
It got a bit confusing at times as the ref did a wide variety of hand signals - similar to helping a plane to land - that I didn't always follow, but overall the score was roughly okay. I think I did forget to award a point in the first game as I got a bit engrossed in filling the paperwork in and realised that I was messing it up.
I got the hang of it as the match went on, and managed to score and watch the action.
The award for man of the match probably went to Dave who leapt all over the court and made full use of his knee pads - player number 6.
However, from the photos - which never lie - player 9 was the star. Well done to Margs for her serves, jumps, digs and enthusiasm.
A great win for Dorking 3 - 0 and a good start to the season.

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