Wednesday 18 June 2014

Fantastic new Matrix Axess

What an exciting day today, as we swapped our lovely old camper van for a Matrix Axess (from Geoff Cox at Denby - thank you Gavin for the excellent service).
I said a quick goodbye to the old model, and then we carried all of our worldly goods from one to the other, ending up with a huge amount of stuff piled high down the aisle.
We then drove to a local campsite and set about the gruesome task of finding a home for every item. At first it looked impossible, but after a few hours everywhere was tidy and there is even a bit of spare space.
We chose this camping car for its amazing design feature - an electric bed that descends magically from the ceiling!
I have tried it out and it is a bit James Bond, so can't wait to go to bed tonight.
It also means that we can leave the bed made up during the day, so no more fighting with dozens of cushions, or piling the duvet and pillows on top of the steering wheel during the day time.
Good little kitchen along the back too and we now have a shower, so we will have to test that later too.
Ps, I know that it all sounds a bit mundane to you house dwellers, but we are really, really chuffed.

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  1. It looks very pretty! And you can still watch the TV in bed, that must have been the top selling feature for Darren :-)