Friday 6 June 2014

Polperro to Looe

Caught a bus from our campsite to Polperro this morning. It is another quaint seaside town with a little harbour and tiny cottages looking over tiny streets, where I could almost reach across to touch two houses simultaneously.
An enterprising seagull family had taken charge of a motor boat in the harbour and it looked as if Mr Seagull was about start the engine, while Mrs Seagull was going to drive.
We left them to it and set off on a walk along the cliffs back to Looe. It was up and down all the way with spectacular views of the coastline. We stopped at a beachside cafe for Cornish Pasties to keep our energy levels up, and then carried chugging back to complete our round trip.

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  1. Back in the UK and starting off in my favourite part if you need any guides notes just ask :)
    When you back home?