Saturday 7 June 2014

Late night sun at Bude

Arrived at Bude this afternoon for a week of family activities as my mum, dad, sister and brother in law are staying in a flat nearby.
Our campsite is up on the cliffs and quite a short walk from the edge. There are no trees around and just a few hedge to shelter us from the sea breezes.
We parked our van to take advantage of the view and spent about an hour battling the wind putting the tent up. It wouldn't stop flapping about and looked as if it might take off, so in the end we took it down, turned the van around and put it up again on the other side.
We just have to hope that the wind doesn't change round in the night, as we hope to find better things to do with our time than moving it again.
Ps, Matt any recommendations for nearby, as we aren't taking the tent down just to go out in the van?

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