Saturday 19 September 2020

Finished the little wall

 I have worked every day for about the last week on the little walls in the garden and I have finished it today.

I am very pleased with the shape, and it got more curvaceous as I grew in confidence with my bricklaying skills. It was nearly my undoing on the last sharp bend, as it is taller than the other sections and when I stood back and looked at it I could see that it was curving over vertically as well sideways. 

Darren said to just whack it really hard to straighten it up, but only the top two rows moved, although you can't tell now that the soil is behind it.

The size was determined by the number of bricks that I had left and we had to search the garden for any spares to finish it off. I have used every single white brick out of the 13,000 that were delivered, so my bricklaying career has now come to an end. I am quite disappointed as I was starting to enjoy it. 

I am a bit short of top soil too, so a couple of the plants are a bit precarious, but we will be ordering more when we start the front garden.

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