Wednesday 16 September 2020

'It doesn't even look like a bath any more '

High praise, I think anyway, from our friend Paul who called round today for coffee and cake on the roof terrace.

I am very pleased, and the fish even popped up to say 'hello', or was it to blag some extra food? 

We are starting to get used to the new facilites at the house, and I even plugged the kettle in to a wall socket today to make a cup of coffee. It is even starting to feel normal, just as if I have been doing it all my life.

This morning we nipped to B and Q and bought eight packs of slightly sad looking pansies for £1 each, and they are already planted and watered. They have a long way to go though to beat the size of my Cosmos, which I grew from a £1 packet of seeds and which are trying to take over the whole garden.

This group have completely covered the whole path and are full of bumble bees, so I now have to either walk all the way round and up the other path, or walk across the flower bed to get past them.

Not too long to go unfortunately, and the first frost will wipe them out. 

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