Friday 4 September 2020

A little bit of bricklaying

 The plasterers are working on the staircase at the moment, so to keep out of their way I spent the day in the garden.

I needed to build little walls in the garden, and I started the first one today. 

I have built three rows of bricks and used two spirit levels, and I am happy to report that it is level. 

There is also a bit of mortar smeared on the bricks, and even Trevor who was our real bricklayer found that to be a problem. Apparently the white bricks show all of the marks on them, and all that I need to do is to get the brick acid out and clean them. 

Once it's all dried I am going to backfill behind the wall with stones to help with drainage and put a couple of inches of topsoil on to finish it off. 

I then crawled around for the whole afternoon digging out a trench for the foundations for the matching mini wall around the fishpond. 

I also desperately need to cut the grass, level up the bench and sort out the steps up to the greenhouse.

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