Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Front garden

 Just before close of business yesterday the skip removal man expertly manoeuvred round the electrician's van and picked up our skip.

First thing this morning I collected the last of the gravel from a giant bag in the front garden and carried it round the back. 

For the first time in over a year the front drive and garden were completely clear and it looked really big. We spent a bit of time looking at it and discussing where the garden area should end, and I should have taken a photo at that very moment. 

Instead, I went shopping and had a fantastic time in Waitrose at Banbury buying loads of fancy food to put in our new fridge freezer. Darren is horrified, and he hasn't even seen the bill yet. I also visited the builders merchants and ordered three more tons of gravel for the back garden. 

They hoped to be able to bring them tomorrow, and I drove back to the plot, but I was only about 15 minutes ahead of the delivery lorry. So now my picture is a bit spoilt, but amazing service and I have already started moving it. 

There was also a huge delivery for Darren - 11 doors, 50 packs of wooden flooring, 100 metres of skirting, can't remember how much architrave and loads of underlay. 

It looks like we will both have a busy few days. 


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