Thursday 10 September 2020

Furniture moving day

 I have spent the last few days in Nottingham packing up all of our stuff ready for the completion date. It is due to be sold tomorrow, so all of our worldly goods were loaded on a van yesterday by the excellent Move4U team.

We have used them many times over the years, and we went to the same school, but unfortunately they are all younger than me. 

They arrived on site this morning and before noon we were all unpacked and boxes are scattered about the whole house. 

They were happy to take two settees, a big telly and my new cocktail cabinet up to the top floor, and before they left they checked to make sure that there was nothing else heavy that needed moving. 

As usual, I have written strange labels on the boxes, such as 'misc', which are already annoying as I can't remember what is in them now, but it made perfect sense at the time. I have called one 'bread bin', but really what it means is that I put the fish sculptures in the bread bin to keep them safe in the move. 

I have separated the kettle from it's base, and packed the coffee machine very carefully, but I can't remember which box the metal milk frother went in,but it's all good, and will all get sorted soon. 

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