Tuesday 15 September 2020

We have electricity!

Huge milestone today - our electric sockets now work. 

Up until today we had an extension cable leading from the fuse board in the garage, through the open downstairs toilet window and into the house. We then had extension cables running around the house that were a trip hazard, and we plugged everything in to them.

I have not tried the new sockets yet, but Darren has informed me that the fridge freezer is already switched on, so we are gradually getting more civilised. 

As if that isn't big enough news, the plasterers have finished all of the rooms today and only need to return in a few weeks to plaster the underside of the stairs. 

I am still building walls in the garden, and it is still hard work. The end is in sight though, and I have finished the two steps up to the greenhouse. 

I am now about to tackle the other steps, and these are much more challenging. I hope to come up with a solution tomorrow morning, and at the moment they are a bit dangerous. . 

I have also filled in the foundations for another flat section, and that is also pencilled in for tomorrow.

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