Monday 3 May 2021

Bank Holiday project

We have been looking at the lawn in the garden and it is not really very good. The section near to the greenhouse gets very waterlogged and the grass is very poor. Also, it is not very level and quite a narrow straight boring border along the fence.

We have decided to create a soakaway next to the greenhouse and make the lawn smaller. We started to think about the overall shape with more curvy edges. Darren then suggested that we make a fish shaped lawn! 

We started yesterday by digging out the grass around the edges and saving the turf to rot down for use as soil in the new flowerbeds. 

This morning Darren dug out and levelled the ground while I emptied the plants from the soakaway area, and either put them into temporary pots or replanted them around the garden.

I am very pleased that a daisy was growing in the lawn so I dug a deep spadeful of grass and soil up with it and moved it in to the grass near the greenhouse, I hope that it survives its change of address.

Bad weather this afternoon so we went shopping for sand and cement for the mini foundations. Unfortunately there appears to be a national shortage of cement so we only found the sand. Hopefully the local builders merchants will have a couple of bags, and I will be on the phone to them first thing tomorrow morning. 

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