Sunday 23 May 2021

Oxford isn't as bad as Elaine thought

A lovely weekend with Elaine and Mark, the first overnight visitors to our new house.

This morning we parked at Wolvercote near Oxford, and set off on a bracing Sunday morning walk. We walked along the water meadows and saw the wildish horses relaxing around the footpath ahead of us.

I am always very wary around animals, particularly large ones, but horses don't have sharp teeth and look pretty gentle, although I did stay at the back of our group just to be on the safe side.

They weren't interested in us so we made it safely out of the meadows.

We walked along a beautiful canal and into Oxford. Elaine has already seen Oxford on a hen weekend about 15 years ago and didn't manage to find any nice bits that time, so we set off to try to find some for her. 


She took lots more photos of incredible buildings, but these are the only ones that she sent me. And why do we all have such huge feet in front of Trinity College?

The good news is that she has changed her opinion and now Oxford is better than she expected.

After a happy hour or so wandering around the dreaming spires we joined the river Thames on its Path.

We saw some nice nature and then back to the car with over 13 kilometres showing on Strava.

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