Friday 28 May 2021

Cycling across there counties

Exciting day today as we are actually on a mini break. And a cycling one too, with panniers and hotels!

First it was an easy ride across Bicester to a village called Aynho. It turns out that there is very little there, but just down the road at Kings Sutton we found a lovely pub selling cappuccinos.

Nicely refreshed we then headed off down a very muddy track with a ford at the bottom.

I should really have cycled through it but I have my excuses ready. My bike is new and clean, and the water was quite speedy and possibly deep, so instead I carried the bike over the little bridge.

After that we found the canal to Banbury. The path was very narrow and close to the edge in places, so a bit of concentration was needed.

Not in this picture though.

We stopped for a glamorous lunch of a Tesco's meal deal round the back of the shop in the smokers corner, and then headed to Chesterton windmill.

Another coffee stop and then the final slog to the hotel. Just under 70 kilometres.

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