Thursday 10 March 2022


Early morning arrival into Gibraltar, and a sporty start to the day.

Garmin had a few problems picking up my signal as I ran. It is actually quite a narrow running track on the 18th floor and I did about 30 laps, but it is quite a pretty picture, although not accurate.

After breakfast we ventured on to dry land. Having been to the top of the rock before we had no difficulty avoiding the taxi and shuttle bus drivers who were keen to take passengers to the top to see the monkeys.

Instead we just wandered around on our own looking at all of the duty free shops on the Main Street.

We also saw lots of fortifications and cannons.

There are now quite a few entry points in the huge stone walls and this one in particular appealed to me.

I am very aware that I have not provided any interesting facts on this blog for ages, so this was going to be my chance to put that right. My guess was that they didn't provide any nice uniforms for the military, and I took to Google to find out.

After extensive searching the best that I can do is that the Earl of Warwick may have fought and killed a giant using an uprooted tree trunk, hence the word staff as a pole rather than people.

However, there is no conclusion so I don't really know. Sorry.

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