Tuesday 8 March 2022

Lazy afternoon in Vigo

We have survived the crossing and reached northern Spain. We docked in Vigo which is a nice old town with a castle and large docks. It was a nice surprise to open the curtains this morning and see the whole town ahead of us.

Looking back from the shore our ship just about fits and towers above the customs building.

We had a nice look around and the town has invested in some interesting artwork. Unfortunately I don't know why this poor giant has lost his body and only his head is lying on the pavement, but I do remember that he was in exactly the same predicament when we visited Vigo in 2010.

I was very keen on the topiary down the main street.

The castle on the hilltop was small and all of the signs were in Spanish and the best thing about it was the outdoor escalators that took us up to it.

We are visiting more Spanish castles on this trip so I will try harder to get more information next blog .

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