Wednesday 23 March 2022

Nitin Sawhney

We caught the train to Birmingham and are staying at the Easy Hotel. Not sure how much it cost but it is definitely a room with a view.

Quite cosy, but my bike looks very happy and we are right above Turtle Bay cocktail bar, so it might get a bit rowdy later.

We had a pre dinner Belgium cherry beer at the bar behind the red and white striped barriers that we can see from our window.

And then on for a lovely Indian around the corner at Tamatanga. Also mango and chilli cocktails with the emphasis on the chilli.

Then on to the show. I wasn't really looking forward much to this part of the evening as we had standing tickets, but when we arrived they had actually put out seats, and we found the best two.

It was a great show - Nitin is on the left - and he played all of his greatest hits so I actually knew most of the songs. Difficult to sing along to though, and you will know what I mean if you have heard them.

The concert was held at the Town Hall building. We had never been to this part of Birmingham before, so went for a walk this morning in the lovely spring sunshine to appreciate it all.

Off back to the station soon for the train to Bristol.

Ps, no noise in the room overnight, but woke up early and looking forward to today.

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