Tuesday 29 March 2022

Golf at St Ives

Today we are up on the hill above St Ives and we have a free round of golf included with our booking. I haven't picked up a club for about five years, so can I still do it?

Excellent first shot on the par three course, but then it fell apart a bit as I got there in eight. Ditto the next hole.

I was having huge problems with the shot being either too short, or more frequently miles too long.

I also found a little stream and lost the ball under a bridge. At the end of 18 holes my worst hole was a nine and best was four fours. Daz did better and it was really good fun.

This afternoon we walked in to St Ives. We have heard so much about this place from so many people, but it was actually lovelier than I expected.

The tide was in, and the water was clear so we could see the beautiful sandy beaches beneath it. The weather was beautiful again, and we followed the promenade around the town.

We went round the headland and found another beach with houses built directly on to it, and one house had sand banked right up to the window sills.

The clouds were very low on this side, so a very different look, although it was very pleasant and people were swimming in the sea.

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