Sunday 13 March 2022

Two days in Barcelona

We arrived yesterday morning and as it was a Saturday, we were keen to do a fake parkrun. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a fair weather runner and it was hammering down with rain at 9am.

(Here is the exciting view from our balcony.)

Not to worry I thought, it never rains all day in Spain, so we can go this afternoon. Factual update - it can and does rain all day in Spain.

So we just had a lazy day with no sporting activity, but we put that right today. Paul sent us a 10k route that he ran in Barcelona, so all we had to do was copy it.

Surprisingly, it worked. We didn't take a camera but we saw the beautiful beach, the Sagrada familia, two Gaudi buildings and finished by speeding down La Rambla, dodging tourists as we shot by.

By this time it was raining again and we jogged most of the 3k back to the ship to try to keep warm.

After a hot shower and plenty of lunch it has occurred to me that I have no photos for this blog, so I walked round the ship and this was the best that I could do.

If only that giant cement plant wasn't in way, because just behind it is the wonderful city of Barcelona.

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