Friday 22 November 2013

Chumphon cocktails

Chumphon is not a tourist town and usually people stay for one night and use it as a stopover before going to the Thai Islands. It is therefore surprising that our hotel only does happy hour cocktails on a Friday.
Fortunately today is Friday so we thought we would check it out.
There were three staff behind the bar and no customers. They looked apprehensive when we ordered a cocktail each and scurried around looking for the instructions. The barman consulted them for ages, lined up some bottles and carefully poured them in to a shaker. He then opened a bottle of tonic water, got a teaspoon and poured in a couple of measures. Finally, he really got in to shaking the shaker for a long while, a la Tom Cruise.
Eventually when he stopped he realised that the lid wouldn't come off the shaker. He got a massive knife and tried forcing it for a while, then suddenly the lid shot off and the drink spilt all over the floor.
We tried not to laugh and he started all over again. This time he succeeded, but he hands were shaking  when he passed it to me.
He looked extremely stressed and did the whole process again for Darren's Long Island Iced Tea.
I have never seen a barman so relieved to have finished the drinks, but he did calm down and enjoyed having his photo taken.
After we left there were no other customers again, which I think is the normal situation.

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