Saturday 30 November 2013

Glorious mud and elephants

Why spend time on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world when instead you can march down the middle of a muddy motorway?
Today we decided to go for a 10 mile walk to see the surrounding area. We set off along the beach ending up at a lovely harbour and then headed inland.
We got to the main road and was surprised to find it was being repaired and was basically a gigantic mud bath.
We met lots of friendly people who waved and shouted over to ask what we were doing. They were incredulous that we were out walking on purpose. A lady on a pink motorbike offered to give me a lift and she thought I was mad when I declined.
Eventually, we left the main road and got back on a tarmacced side street, just in time to see elephants crossing.
We also had some great treats from the local market stalls - banana and evaporated milk shakes and unidentified fried purple vegetables.
All in all a very interesting outing.

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