Wednesday 27 November 2013

Evening out in Ao Nang

This is the early evening view from our terrace in Ao Nang. When we checked in we asked if we could have the top floor as we stayed there two years ago and loved it.
The receptionist was most put out that we wanted this room as she said she had a large room for us lower down. She said that the top floor room was small and thought we were after a discount, but we really wanted it and I thought she wanted us to pay extra for it.
Problem resolved eventually and we are very happy up here.
Haven't managed to do a lot today but we have just had a good night out on the town. Looking forward to tomorrow as we have a bit of kayaking to be getting on with.

1 comment:

  1. must get dark really late out there or was it a good early evening on the town. Been to the Bob Marley bar yet for a cocktail